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If you are not able to load all your images in script running period, you can use pagination.

See After loading of images, these images are displayed in Phoca Gallery administration (images list) and in frontend of your site.

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As the organizer pulls the photos it displays thumbnails of the recently imported photos. I'm thinking of abandoning the Adobe elements organizer for good. I've had issues since version 7 off and on and I've rebuilt this catalog two times now. All the old ones are still fine for thumbnail viewing, just everything in about the last month. No one seems to know (in this thread anyway) and I stopped using it. I've been using it since version 3 but Picasa is looking better and better. These same thumbnails are visible using Windows Explorer, Irfanview, or any other program. kevin Kevin, Sorry, looks like my earlier ask was not clear enough.

I’m not a big fan of forking and specifically creating repository copies at Git Hub (as the sources end-up all over the place and in various states of decay).

Many photo enthusiasts write descriptive information on the backs of photos they take.

This article looks at the Picasa database, the problems with it, and how you can move the database anywhere else on your computer.

In order to feel snappy, Picasa uses a database to cache the thumbnails and metadata of all the photos in your library.

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