Under florida law dating violence is considered domestic violence one month anniversary dating

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There are a number of legal steps survivors can take to protect themselves from further abuse including calling the police and/or filing for an Injunction for Protection.

CASA's legal advocates are available in both civil and criminal court for support and help through the legal process.

Whether you are the victim of repeat violence, sexual violence or dating violence, or the victim of a false accusation of repeat violence, sexual violence or dating violence, such matters must be taken seriously.

A conviction will result in the loss of certain civil rights including a lifetime ban on the right to possess a firearm.Florida law defines this criminal charge as a certain type of crime that happens between people in one of several certain types of relationships.The people in the relationship do not have to be married or even dating in order for an alleged offender to face these types of charges.Additionally, police may file domestic violence charges without the alleged victim seeking charges.The victim will also not have the option to drop charges.

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