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Their father was an astute and successful businessman. On the same day Adam’s first son plopped out onto an old rug in the family home. Sol glanced over at the pneumatic blonde who’d reappeared in the doorway. He took a slurp of something that looked like an oil leak and winced at the foul taste.

No More Heroes tells the story of Travis Touchdown, an anime fan who lives in the fictional town of Santa Destroy, California.

Together, they navigate the alcohol-fueled playground of casual dating and no-strings-attached sex in New York City.

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Sure, it takes two or three shots, but it's fire rate is pretty ****ing quick.

Living with an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, is a challenge.

People with these serious conditions can lose weight during a flare-up and gain it all back—and then some—if they need to take corticosteroids to get symptoms under control.

I main frost and it's easier for me to kill people while bodyshoting with the SMG than shooting someone at pointblank with the shotgun.

This is a contemporary tale of three men, their women and their dads. Buy at Amazon PART ONE Beginnings There was blood everywhere. The caesarean had been a hasty job: the twins were at 39 weeks and leaving it much longer would have been dangerous.

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