Name a non verbal communication that is important in dating

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I supported him, I took care of our daughters, I lived for him, now I have nothing more to give.

I’m spent, my life is half over, and now I wonder where do I go from here.

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In your weakened state, your abuser finds it much easier to gain power over you.

Aries, the lover of risk and adventure, is apt to enjoy activities with you that could include hang gliding, bungee jumping or car racing. Use this to turn his mind away from everyday business matters and focus on you.

Being such a testosterone-charged and masculine sign, Aries needs a regular, highly active sex life.

People with aphasia may experience any of the following behaviors due to an acquired brain injury, although some of these symptoms may be due to related or concomitant problems such as dysarthria or apraxia and not primarily due to aphasia.

Aphasia symptoms can vary based on the location of damage in the brain.

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