Kim sung soo dating

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For example, Hong whispered to Kim’s ears, put his hands around Kim’s waist, or even held her hands in front of the cameras.Hong also described their relationship to the press as “a very close relationship”.First, Kim So Hyun said that Yoo Seung Ho's ideal type had changed now, so she's interested knowing what it is now.With no hesitation, Yoo Seung Ho upfrontly revealed that Kim So Hyun is his new ideal type!From a young age Ms Kim - spirited and questioning - was irked by the fact that her three brothers would grow up to run and inherit her father's company.

But her sizeable business credentials are all the more astonishing when her personal history is taken into account.According to the public sentiments in South Korea, adultery of married people can never be accepted.Last June, reports about Hong and Kim’s relationship were released.Kim (34) and Hong (56) met while filming "Right Now, Wrong Then" last year and Hong left his family nine months ago. He is also a professor of cinematography at Kunkuk University. Hong's directorial debut was the 1996 movie, "When the Pig Fell into the Well," and he has made 17 movies so far.

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