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Lighting designer Jenny Hector won a Technical Achievement Award while the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Richard Murphet, formally Head of Theatre at the Victorian College of the Arts.his is a story about how trolls took the wheel of the clown car of modern politics.Anger of Green Room creator Paul Provenza The makers of Alan Davies's new talk show have been accused of ripping off an American TV series.Comic Paul Provenza says the Dave series As Yet Untitled, which began last night, is a near carbon-copy of The Green Room, a show he hosted and devised for Showtime in the US.| Listen: June 2, 2008: Filmmaker Phil Leirness visits to talk about his latest, Karl Rove, I Love You , a documentary-style look at the unique relationship between Bush's "brain" and character actor Dan Butler.

That doesn't happen by accident.'Provenza, who also directed the comedy documentary The Aristocrats, said the art direction, production style, layout and even promotional material of Davies' show bear uncomfortable similarities with The Green Room.

It’s a story about the insider traders of the attention economy.

It’s a story about fear and loathing and Donald Trump and you and me.

I go on so many podcasts which is basically the same idea.

I had no problem when HBO did their version with Ricky Gervais hosting, but that looked nothing like The Green Room.

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