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So, like any sensible guy with an Internet connection I did a web search for something like “how to get dates” and stumbled upon David’s website.

Long story short – I bought David’s entry-level DYD ebook and started implementing his famous “cocky-funny” and other dating techniques that he revealed to me, and I then VERY QUICKLY started dating multiple women.* It was pretty amazing…

A few of the topics are based on children, love, getting over, awareness of attention and more.

There is no doubt that what is in this program will help you figure out the dating game and realize what kind of man you are.

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He mentions the need for guys to go out and practice the attraction skills he teaches.Since then I’ve read and reviewed tons dating advice courses, and consider myself somewhat of an “expert” on this kind of material, so hopeful my thoughts on this “Love: The Final Chapter” (LTFC) course will give you some insight on whether this is something that will be able to help you in your own life.This review begins with a quick anecdote on why I like David D’s stuff so much, then I talk a bit about the “big idea” behind LTFC, then I briefly cover exactly what you get in the course and what all it covers, and then I’ll wrap things up by sharing my personal opinion on the value of this material and who I would recommend it for.Because the program is listed on Clickbank you could become an affiliate for the program. ) to be born in a time when the Internet gives me the opportunity to take my ability to produce words and exchange access to them for money.

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