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Thought I'd have a 9-5 or bummy in the trap, and I ain't got neither Luckily you fuck with me cuz it coulda got ugly Like me fucking fat bitches in a punch buggy Tables turned like darknesses, never shoulda gave you niggas money Watch what I do with it dummy.Buy a chicken restraunt and call it get the honkies Pizza place where all my niggas sitting in the front Sipping forty's and brews talking shit cuz it's cool I make songs cool when Im in the mood, but now it's like [Hook] Rap this, rap that, get the bread or quack quack Duck duck goose, top guns on these rap tracks Got dreams for the paper, so I don't recognize no neighbor.Duck Duck Goose, a brand new concept from the Alfred Restaurant Group was aiming to make a splash in the downtown Bethesda food scene.

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Sometimes bringing your child’s measurements is easier, especially since sizing from different manufacturers varies.

Meridian worked closely with their staff throughout the restaurant's build-out to ensure that the site was a cohesive marketing extension of their brand.

Through extensive search engine optimization and proper design, Duck Duck Goose is exploding in online popularity and is set to become one of the area hottest restaurants.

listening to music, smoking, drinking and just having a good time.

Biebs and Hailey partied later that night, first at the Maxim Super Bowl bash when he took the stage during A$AP Rocky's performance.

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