Dating a non mormon

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“It’s not that He’s Just Not That Into You,” Birger says. In its rate of people leaving the fold, Mormons are not all that different from the wider culture.“It’s that There Just Aren’t Enough of Him.” The numbers appear compelling. In fact, we’re doing better than a lot of religions.Yesterday, two new essays about polygamy became available on the LDS Church’s official website, joining a third that appeared late last year.These statements contained some bombshells about Mormonism’s past that will not be news to most students of history but may indeed prove disturbing for some rank-and-file Latter-day Saints.The third time, the angel brought a sword to drive home the point.Joseph wed Fanny Alger; whether his first wife Emma knew about it is unclear.

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amazing miracles which led to the right atmosphere to bring about the Restoration of the gospel.4) Many plural marriages were contracted without the first wife’s consent.“Emma likely did not know about all of Joseph’s sealings,” the statement tells us.Joseph received a revelation in 1843 that said that while a first wife was supposed be consulted, if she refused to accept the plural marriage then the husband was “exempt from the law of Sarah.” In other words, he could go on ahead with or without his wife’s blessing.5) Most of Smith’s wives were between the ages of 20 and 40, but he also married teenagers.

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