Dating a graflex speed graphic

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It came complete with several film holders and a flash.

Later on, I found the original case for it at an auction.

Produced by Graflex in Rochester, New York, the Speed Graphic is commonly called the most famous press camera.

Although the first Speed Graphic cameras were produced in 1912, production of later versions continued until 1973; with the most significant improvements occurring in 1947 with the introduction of the Pacemaker Speed Graphic (and Pacemaker Crown Graphic, which is one pound lighter but lacks the focal plane shutter).

A serial number is located in one of a few different areas and is important at the time of registering the television.

When a television is produced it is labeled with a serial number by the manufacturer.

that could be achieved with the focal plane shutter.

The Pacemaker Speed Graphic was one of the longest produced large format cameras, produced from 1947 to 1970 (twenty-three years).

In August of 2003, I bought this Baby Pacemaker Speed Graphic, which takes 3x4" film.

The Graflexchange was started quite a while ago for the very reason that did not allow and form of wanted/sales posts.

It's sorely under-used though as most people seem to be more interested in making money on the auction site than helping other Graflex users... I seem to remember the Serial no's being in a Forum thread.

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