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Most Costa Ricans still meet their romantic partners via the traditional methods of mutual friends, organizations, work, school, or church, etc; however, the 21st century rise of online dating and the decline in the stigma associated with it have led to thousands of people joining dating sites in search of love.

In order to put yourself in a position for the best success, try to live close to San José, which is the most modern of all cities in Costa Rica and has the most online dating users.

Latin Dating Service is based on my collective experiences traveling to the other agencies in Asia, Russia and Latin America.

Also look out for women who have next to nothing written on their profiles. Latin American Cupid Latin American Cupid would be the site that I would focus 90% of my attention on.Even if you speak and write fluent Spanish and, the picture, address and phone numbers you receive of the ladies are current, without assistance and back up, this is an almost impossible situation which leads to total frustration and disillusionment.Our office is located in Escazu, a Western suburb of San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica.Several agencies have opened and closed in Costa Rica and left a list of clients “High and Dry”…a lot wiser but, poorer.We have often picked up the pieces for these individuals and turned a bad experience into a positive one.

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